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Bluechip complete sponsorship line up for February’s Bedford Job Show!

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With just 4 weeks to go until the 4th Bedford Jobs and Apprenticeship show we’re delighted to announce that IT services specialist, Bluechip, will be joining us as our final lead sponsor. The team are raring to go and will be using the event to build interest in their latest Apprenticeship programme that is due to launch in the summer.

Bluechip will be joining Bedford College (who are attending their 4th show) and Brookdale as February’s event sponsors.

The Job Show will be taking place in the Harpur Suite, Bedford Town Centre on Saturday 3rd February. Doors open at 1030 and close at 3pm.

Job seekers are going to be spoilt with the number of job, apprenticeship and training opportunities that will be available via a number of Bedfordshire’s top employers, Including:

Center Parcs, The Marbrook Centre, Bedford College, Care Solutions Group, AboutTheJob, Bedford NHS Trust, Brookdale, East of England Ambulance, Castle Home Care and Bluechip.

More exhibitors will be announced later on this week as the event closes in on it’s exhibitor capacity of 21 stands.

There are still 3 spaces left should you currently be recruiting in the Bedfordshire area and want to maximise on the employer brand exposure this event offers. Email for more information and last minute offers we have for the last few stands.


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Traditional Recruitment Advertising just doesn’t work anymore.

Mail Chimp road

It’s true. The way recruitment advertising used to work and the results it used to produce for employers will likely never be seen again.

First there was print advertising. With little or no competition for years this machine used to be the Mecca for recruitment advertising; The application numbers were phenomenal. Two issues knocked this train off the track. The heightened advertising cost Vs the decreasing distribution numbers and the lack of employed expertise to juggle the transition of a life in print to online.

Then the age of the internet took over. National Job boards could produce double or triple the number of applications and at half the cost. Initially the employer market was cheering; Money saved in the budget and so much choice in applications they didn’t know what to do with themselves. However National Job Boards have their own problems. A decline in application numbers due to job seeker audiences being spread between too many job boards along with employers put off by the number of irrelevant (mainly out of area) candidates. I feel it’s only a matter of time before we see the collapse or folding of some of the biggest household Job Board names.

I originally set my Recruitment Advertising company up, as a job board ‘PRODUCT’. My aim was to bridge the gap between the demand for good local coverage and affordability. I accepted that application numbers would be lower than the national offering but continued to believe that the quality would be found within the local applications. To survive the changes I’m going to talk about in this article I had to tweak the way we operated and the product we offered; From a standard reactive advertising product to a proactive recruitment ‘marketing led’ SERVICE.

We battle on two fronts when pitching our advertising services to employers. The first battle is with the old school print ‘faithful’ who just hate change! These employers (a high percentage of which I find are schools) are just happy to waste money on expensive repeat adverts week in and week; holding on to the fact the paper ‘used’ to produce the applications they now crave for. The worst thing…most of these employers aren’t open to entertain a conversation on trying something different; even when what they’re doing isn’t working. That’s their words, not mine!

The 2nd battle and just as tough as the first, but for different reasons, are the employers who have used job boards (this service replaced the old lamp post marketing solution). Employers who use/used this service, with very little success, frustratingly group any online recruitment based service in with ‘JOB BOARDS’. These employers moan constantly about the lack of talent out there and/or the high cost of agencies. Waiting for someone to find you will often make you feel like there’s no one out there.

I feel we’ve been in a new age of recruitment advertising for a little while now. It’s a cross breed of online advertising with an agency feel. Low cost, pay on success advertising.

There’s a small selection of like minded companies (I’m certainly not the first) to create this hybrid solution where, through proactive job advertising formulas, given to us by great technological advances, job advertising has gone from ‘lamp post marketing’ to a ‘recorded delivery mailing service’ ensuring the right people get the information. This service isn’t as cheap as a standard job board listing but, like with that special parcel, if you want to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the post, it’s always worth paying the extra.

If you found this article useful and would like to hear more about how we work and our plans to help your recruitment strategy, you can email us at

Thanks for reading,


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Guys, it happened. Facebook hit 2 billion users in late June. This unprecedented growth offers so much more opportunity to build connections, grow communities, and reach more and more people with your brand and messaging. This growth also provides you with a much larger audience for all your videos and a great chance to grow your business dramatically.

But, with all this growth also comes some serious challenges. Think about it. If Facebook announced 4 million advertisers in 2016, how many more have joined since then and how many will join–especially given the slew of new tools Facebook recently added on top of this new user milestone. More people means more marketing noise–which also means more advertisers bidding on the same users.

While it may already be a challenge to stand out from all the marketing noise polluting the Facebook feed, video is the best way to break through it and see great results. After all, 49% of consumers engage with branded social video on Facebook. Plus, marketers see that Facebook videos drive 89% more views, 86% more engagement, and 83% more purchases. As a small business or brand, you can’t afford to miss out on these big wins.

Facebook Video - phone Image

You created a great video and now you need results

Creating beautiful Facebook video is easy enough (Via AboutTheJob) but, we’ll be honest, getting great results is definitely the hard part. That’s why we put together this list of quick wins to help you get all those amazing results we keep quoting. You’ll be surprised at how much making small adjustments can help improve your Facebook videos performance over all.

  1. Invest in the first 3 seconds of your video

It’s common knowledge that all Facebook videos are, by default, set to autoplay. The autoplay helps capture the audience’s attention immediately and keep them watching and engaged. Plus, according to Facebook, 65% of people who watch the first three seconds of a video will watch for at least 10 seconds, and 45% will watch for 30 seconds.

A good way to track how long your specific audience actually watched your videos is to check the “Video Average Watch Time” metric in your Facebook Insights. It will show you the average time each of your videos is watched. You’ll likely notice that most view times do not exceed five seconds.

In order to ensure that your audience sees and watches your video from the very beginning until the end, you need to invest in the first three seconds of your video. You can do this by choosing footage that truly pops, adding a video title that teases the audience a bit, and jumping into your message immediately. Don’t waste time building a story. Keep your video, as a whole, short and simple and appeal to the emotions and natural curiosity of your already over-stimulated audience.

  1. Always use text

To amplify the important role that text can play in the success of your videos, consider the fact that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. That’s a large percentage of viewers who simply stop, watch, and absorb all of the information visually only. They don’t need sound or noise to understand or make a decision about the brand.

Make sure your audience gets the most out of your video by adding some sort of text to your video from the very beginning. Whether it be in the form of subtitles (which disappear once the viewer turns the sound on), general captions, or text that brands your message coherently, you need some sort of text on your video to see better results.

  1. Focus on one important point only

Looking to make a super shareable video? Make it super simple by focusing on one easy to understand point. Think about it. If you’re video is easy to understand, viewers are more likely to share it as it’s easy for them to describe and share why they like it.

To help you focus on one point, before you actually create your video, think about your audience and ask what would make them share it? What will make them comment or like it? Then think about creating a video to achieve the some of the following goals:

  • To be simply social and entertaining or get a laugh
  • To express a feeling about a particular topic/speak for your them
  • To show off
  • To prove they were the first ones to find something

Just keep in mind, that videos sometimes take time (and a bit of a budget) to get massive numbers. All of the above tips will help it get a good start in the right direction, though. For example, we ran this video to advertise Promo back in March. It saw some nice engagement in the beginning which helped it grow to over 2 million views and about 1,000 shares today.

All of these ideas will help you choose one key focal point and create a short video that will get better results.

  1. Upload natively

Native video is video that is uploaded to or created on social networks and played in-feed, as opposed to links to videos hosted on other sites (like sharing a Vimeo link to your Facebook page). In a study, Facebook native videos had on average a 477% higher share rate and saw 109% more interaction when compared to shared YouTube links. Needless to say, native video works much better than sharing a video link on your page.

When it comes to getting great results for your Facebook videos, it’s super important to upload your video directly to Facebook itself. The platform recognizes it as a stand alone video and will generate more engagement for your page as opposed to getting “vanity engagement” as a shared link.

  1. Write Facebook-specific copy for your post

While you may be posting the same video to all of your social media accounts, remember to alter the text you use in the post to suit the outlet and audience. If you’re investing a lot of resources (time and money) and looking to get the most results on Facebook specifically, then use language on your post that speaks to Facebook audiences and suits the platform.

Here are a couple of things you can try to help improve your results with the copy for your post:

Ask a question: Questions are thought provoking and leave your audience looking to you to answer the question (or solve the problem).

Experiment with text length: On Facebook, you can use as much text as you like to share a story (Facebook allows for a very high character length in both posts and comments) or as little text as you like to keep it short and to the point. It all depends on what your audience likes. However, if you’re running the video in a paid campaign, keep the text short and simple so it looks best anywhere on the Facebook news feed. Also remember to add spaces between the lines of text to keep everything looking good and clean. (Check out the example below for some inspiration.)

Use the text or a quote from the video: This will likely pique the audience’s  interest and encourage them to keep watching to understand the full story and context.

Add an emoji: Emojis are huge and they work with audiences of every age. We could share with you some solid numbers on how well they work, but seriously, just add a few here and there and enjoy better results.

  1. Track your videos performance

Facebook wants you to use video and they want you to succeed. That’s why they give you tools, like Insights, to help you better understand how your videos perform. With this knowledge, you know what to continue doing and where to improve.

When it comes to your videos, there are a few great specific insights to watch and use, including:

Minutes viewed: This is the total number of minutes your video was watched, including replays and views less than three seconds.This number helps you understand how much people actually watch your videos and return to them. It helps you gauge your audience’s acceptance of your video content as a whole.

10 second views: The number of times your video was watched for at least 10 seconds, or nearly its total length, whichever happened first. This helps you know if your video worked well enough to keep your audience engaged longer than three seconds. The more videos with more 10 second views the better results over all. These views make it more likely that your audience took, or will take, some sort of action after watching.

Audience and engagement: This tab will help you see how many people you reached and how they interacted with or responded to your video, including reactions (likes, loves, laughs, and wows) and comments. Keep all of these numbers at the top of mind when you craft your next videos.

The more Facebook videos you make, the better results you’ll see

We know that, when it comes to video marketing, it’s a marathon not a sprint–it requires commitment and consistency, over time, to see those mind-blowing results. Keep that in mind, as well as all of these tips, as you go forward with your Facebook videos and start getting the quick wins which will help generate an even bigger impact over all.




Credit: Promo

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Staff shortages are pushing up pay

Office workers

The UK labour market is tightening, with employers finding it harder to recruit staff, according to a survey of employment agencies.

The survey says that pay rates for both permanent and temporary staff are rising quickly due to a continuing fall in the number of job applicants.

Last year’s Brexit vote is also driving some EU nationals home, making it harder to fill a wide variety of jobs.

Official figures have shown employment levels in the UK at record highs.

The monthly survey of employment agencies was carried out by market research firm Markit for the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

REC chief executive Kevin Green, said: “It’s clear that employers are having to work even harder to fill jobs as vacancies rise and candidate availability shrinks.

“The parts of the economy most reliant on European workers are under even more pressure as many EU workers return home.

“Employers are not just struggling to hire the brightest and the best but also people to fill roles such as chefs, drivers and warehouse workers,” he added.

‘Robust demand’

The survey, which has been going since 1997, looked at the experience in July of 400 UK recruitment and employment agencies.

It found that there was “robust demand” for staff with the number of applicants placed in permanent jobs, and also in temporary or contract jobs, growing at their fastest rates for more than two years.

Meanwhile, it said, the number of available candidates for both types of work fell markedly during the month.

The report’s suggestion that pay rates for permanent jobs are now rising as a result, and are at a 20-month high, will raise some eyebrows.

Official data from the Office for National Statistics has indicated that the growth of average weekly earnings across the UK has been slowing down.

Earnings are now only 1.8% higher than a year ago – the slowest rate of increase since late 2014 – which has contributed to a cut in real incomes because the rate of inflation has been higher.

Looking at its own survey results, the REC said some of its members had noted that employers were indeed offering higher pay rates to lure the right recruits.

“Permanent starting salaries rose across all monitored UK regions, with the steepest rate of inflation seen in the South of England,” the REC said.

“Temporary and contract staff hourly pay rates increased again in July.

“The rate of inflation softened slightly since June, but was still one of the strongest recorded for the past two years,” it added.

Is your company having problems recruiting staff? Let us help. Email with your equiry.




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Advertise your vacancies. Promote your brand

Harpur Centre

The 3rd Bedford Jobs & Apprenticeship show will be taking place in just 8 weeks time on Saturday 9th September; Harpur Square, Bedford Town Centre.

Calling all ‘Bedfordshire’ based recruiters, employers and training providers..

Over half of available stands have now been booked up and we’re delighted with the variety of employers, training providers and industry sectors already being represented. But there’s still space for you…We want our event to be jam packed with exciting companies, careers, training courses and apprenticeships. Call 01234 328646 for more information.

Job seekers who attend will be spoiled for choice. We’re delighted to announce a number of first time exhibitors including our main sponsor 1st Choice Recruitment, Hart Learning & Development, The Marbrook Centre, The Royal Navy and Christchurch Group.

We’re also happy to welcome back previous exhibitors Bedford College, The Job Hub, Care Solutions Group, HMP Bedford and Bedford NHS Trust.

Attendance at last September’s event was estimated to be 1,800+. From the 30+ exhibitors on the day, 87% said the day was a big success for them, 79% said they would recruit directly from attending the event!

Why our job shows are different to traditional events

  1. We hold our event on a Saturday so the ‘highly desirable’ and ‘already employed’ job seekers can attend
  2. It’s not just about the job show on the day. All of our stand options include recruitment advertising across our multi media recruitment advertising platform so you can start (and will) receive applications ahead of the day, adding great value.
  3. Our event marketing is tailored to our exhibitors and their recruitment needs. Multiple messages to targeted audiences; We don’t just advertise one message “about an event that’s taking place”

To book your stand call our events team on 01234 328646 or email

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Bedford Jobs & Apprenticeship Show

Job Show FB Cover - v10

Thanks to our official partners 1st Choice Recruitment, HMP Bedford, The Jobs Hub and Bedford NHS Trust we’re back with a bang this September!

The 3rd Bedford Jobs & Apprenticeship show will be taking place on Saturday 9th September is Harpur Square, Bedford Town Centre.

There’s space for 34 employers (2 stand size options available) to promote their employer brand and range of job vacancies, apprenticeship and training course. Stands are currently being booked as we go to press and here’s a few of the names already signed up…

1st Choice Recruitment, Care Solutions Group, HMP Bedford, The Jobs Hub, Bedford NHS Trust, The Marbrook Centre and AboutTheJob.

Attendance at last September’s event was estimated to be 1,800+. From the 30+ exhibitors on the day, 87% said the day was a big success for them, 79% said they would recruit directly from attending the event!

Why our job shows are different to traditional events

  1. We hold our event on a Saturday so the ‘highly desirable’ and ‘already employed’ job seekers can attend
  2. It’s not just about the job show on the day. All of our stand options include recruitment advertising across our multi media recruitment advertising platform so you can start (and will) receive applications ahead of the day, adding great value.
  3. Our event marketing is tailored to our exhibitors and their recruitment needs. Multiple messages to targeted audiences; We don’t just advertise one message “about an event that’s taking place”

To book your stand call our events team on 01234 328646 or email

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Bedford Jobs & Apprenticeship Show!

Its not too late

The most interactive way to fill your vacancies and promote your brand…

With Just 5 weeks until the next Bedford Jobs & Apprenticeship Fair, we’ve only got limited availablity in both zones now!

ZONE 1 – General vacancies

Under a marquee in Harpur Square, Bedford Town Centre, there will be 29 employers advertising a range of vacancies across a number of different sectors. ONLY 4 STANDS LEFT!

ZONE 2 – Apprenticeships and Training

Located in the Harpur Suite, opposite the marquee, there will be 11 employers and training providers advertising a range of apprenticeships and courses across a number of different sectors. ONLY 1 STAND LEFT!

Results from the last Bedford Jobs Fair, held in September, reported a 79% recruitment success rate for exhibitors who attended!

Need more reasons to attend?

  • Job Advertising on Moo and our partner network and affiliate sites prior to the event
  • 58,000+ average Town Centre footfall on a Saturday
  • The event will be marketed to over 300,000 LOCAL People over an extensive 10 week campaign via Social Media and email marketing
  • Promoted in all High Schools and Acadamies
  • You’ll get the chance to chat to potential candidates and employees in a professional but relaxed environment
  • 3,500 + expected attendance
  • Attending job fairs is one of the best £ for £ exercises when recruiting

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and book your stand today. Call or email one of our events team on 01234 328646 or email for prices and more info.

Here’s just a few companies who have already booked their stand…

WHSmiths – Evolve Recruitment – Bedford College – Bedford Estates

Fusion Lifestyle – Care Solutions – Bedford Borough Council

About The Job – Sporting Futures – Nova Training – Center Parcs

BlueBird Care – About The Job – Home Instead

DATE: 22nd April 2017 TIME: 1030am-1530pm LOCATION: Harpur Square, Bedford town centre


Holding the event on a Saturday means we’re giving the ‘highly desirable’ and ‘already employed’ an opportunity to meet with prospective employers just like YOU! This is something previous mid-week events haven’t been able to offer and it also gives you the opportunity to increase your employer branding at the same time.

Bookings for September’s fair can also be made now. Great early bird booking offers and deposit schemes available!

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