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Bluechip complete sponsorship line up for February’s Bedford Job Show!

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With just 4 weeks to go until the 4th Bedford Jobs and Apprenticeship show we’re delighted to announce that IT services specialist, Bluechip, will be joining us as our final lead sponsor. The team are raring to go and will be using the event to build interest in their latest Apprenticeship programme that is due to launch in the summer.

Bluechip will be joining Bedford College (who are attending their 4th show) and Brookdale as February’s event sponsors.

The Job Show will be taking place in the Harpur Suite, Bedford Town Centre on Saturday 3rd February. Doors open at 1030 and close at 3pm.

Job seekers are going to be spoilt with the number of job, apprenticeship and training opportunities that will be available via a number of Bedfordshire’s top employers, Including:

Center Parcs, The Marbrook Centre, Bedford College, Care Solutions Group, AboutTheJob, Bedford NHS Trust, Brookdale, East of England Ambulance, Castle Home Care and Bluechip.

More exhibitors will be announced later on this week as the event closes in on it’s exhibitor capacity of 21 stands.

There are still 3 spaces left should you currently be recruiting in the Bedfordshire area and want to maximise on the employer brand exposure this event offers. Email for more information and last minute offers we have for the last few stands.


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Traditional Recruitment Advertising just doesn’t work anymore.

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It’s true. The way recruitment advertising used to work and the results it used to produce for employers will likely never be seen again.

First there was print advertising. With little or no competition for years this machine used to be the Mecca for recruitment advertising; The application numbers were phenomenal. Two issues knocked this train off the track. The heightened advertising cost Vs the decreasing distribution numbers and the lack of employed expertise to juggle the transition of a life in print to online.

Then the age of the internet took over. National Job boards could produce double or triple the number of applications and at half the cost. Initially the employer market was cheering; Money saved in the budget and so much choice in applications they didn’t know what to do with themselves. However National Job Boards have their own problems. A decline in application numbers due to job seeker audiences being spread between too many job boards along with employers put off by the number of irrelevant (mainly out of area) candidates. I feel it’s only a matter of time before we see the collapse or folding of some of the biggest household Job Board names.

I originally set my Recruitment Advertising company up, as a job board ‘PRODUCT’. My aim was to bridge the gap between the demand for good local coverage and affordability. I accepted that application numbers would be lower than the national offering but continued to believe that the quality would be found within the local applications. To survive the changes I’m going to talk about in this article I had to tweak the way we operated and the product we offered; From a standard reactive advertising product to a proactive recruitment ‘marketing led’ SERVICE.

We battle on two fronts when pitching our advertising services to employers. The first battle is with the old school print ‘faithful’ who just hate change! These employers (a high percentage of which I find are schools) are just happy to waste money on expensive repeat adverts week in and week; holding on to the fact the paper ‘used’ to produce the applications they now crave for. The worst thing…most of these employers aren’t open to entertain a conversation on trying something different; even when what they’re doing isn’t working. That’s their words, not mine!

The 2nd battle and just as tough as the first, but for different reasons, are the employers who have used job boards (this service replaced the old lamp post marketing solution). Employers who use/used this service, with very little success, frustratingly group any online recruitment based service in with ‘JOB BOARDS’. These employers moan constantly about the lack of talent out there and/or the high cost of agencies. Waiting for someone to find you will often make you feel like there’s no one out there.

I feel we’ve been in a new age of recruitment advertising for a little while now. It’s a cross breed of online advertising with an agency feel. Low cost, pay on success advertising.

There’s a small selection of like minded companies (I’m certainly not the first) to create this hybrid solution where, through proactive job advertising formulas, given to us by great technological advances, job advertising has gone from ‘lamp post marketing’ to a ‘recorded delivery mailing service’ ensuring the right people get the information. This service isn’t as cheap as a standard job board listing but, like with that special parcel, if you want to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the post, it’s always worth paying the extra.

If you found this article useful and would like to hear more about how we work and our plans to help your recruitment strategy, you can email us at

Thanks for reading,


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Staff shortages are pushing up pay

Office workers

The UK labour market is tightening, with employers finding it harder to recruit staff, according to a survey of employment agencies.

The survey says that pay rates for both permanent and temporary staff are rising quickly due to a continuing fall in the number of job applicants.

Last year’s Brexit vote is also driving some EU nationals home, making it harder to fill a wide variety of jobs.

Official figures have shown employment levels in the UK at record highs.

The monthly survey of employment agencies was carried out by market research firm Markit for the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

REC chief executive Kevin Green, said: “It’s clear that employers are having to work even harder to fill jobs as vacancies rise and candidate availability shrinks.

“The parts of the economy most reliant on European workers are under even more pressure as many EU workers return home.

“Employers are not just struggling to hire the brightest and the best but also people to fill roles such as chefs, drivers and warehouse workers,” he added.

‘Robust demand’

The survey, which has been going since 1997, looked at the experience in July of 400 UK recruitment and employment agencies.

It found that there was “robust demand” for staff with the number of applicants placed in permanent jobs, and also in temporary or contract jobs, growing at their fastest rates for more than two years.

Meanwhile, it said, the number of available candidates for both types of work fell markedly during the month.

The report’s suggestion that pay rates for permanent jobs are now rising as a result, and are at a 20-month high, will raise some eyebrows.

Official data from the Office for National Statistics has indicated that the growth of average weekly earnings across the UK has been slowing down.

Earnings are now only 1.8% higher than a year ago – the slowest rate of increase since late 2014 – which has contributed to a cut in real incomes because the rate of inflation has been higher.

Looking at its own survey results, the REC said some of its members had noted that employers were indeed offering higher pay rates to lure the right recruits.

“Permanent starting salaries rose across all monitored UK regions, with the steepest rate of inflation seen in the South of England,” the REC said.

“Temporary and contract staff hourly pay rates increased again in July.

“The rate of inflation softened slightly since June, but was still one of the strongest recorded for the past two years,” it added.

Is your company having problems recruiting staff? Let us help. Email with your equiry.




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Recruitment Advertising – It’s a big game of battleships.



And we know how to win

Of all the ways to recruit, Recruitment Advertising is the option that locates itself on the ‘fine line’ of success and failure.

If you don’t show it the attention it demands, it’s easy money wasted. However, get it right and it’s by far the cheapest and most cost effective way to recruit.

Newspapers and nearly every job board in the market place rely on a good element of luck to generate applications, hence the lower cost banding’s associated with the service and the unusual acceptance that a ‘hit and miss approach’ is a fair solution to offer. It just reminds me of a big game of battleships.

If we take the ‘battleships’ analogy and work with it; what’s the one thing that can improve your chances of winning this game? How about if we used intelligence as a solution, as we do in the real world. To better understand the location of someone or something, we would naturally pile together the most up to date intelligence data based on the who, what and where method.

“Logic tells you that you’re more likely to hit your target if you have this information. Recruitment advertising is no different.”

The Job Board market is a saturated one but, when I set up Moo, I firmly believed (and still do) that if you’re a job board that can provide your customers with this valuable information, ahead of any campaign, you’ll win. I’m pleased to say it’s our main USP against like-minded competition and it’s why our success rate is almost double that of the average Job Board or Traditional Print platform.

As part of any campaign, our Account Managers take the time to understand your goals, and research the important things about your target audience; where they hang out online, what they’re being paid by your competition and what kind of employment package they would expect etc.

Moving on to the next stage our Account Managers then run a demo campaign which identifies a prospective ‘relevant’ audience to our clients job role; Information such as how many people specifically match in our CV database, the approximate targeted reach across social media (based on unique criteria) and where we feel the job advert is best placed to ensure it ‘lands in front of the right audience’. This element of the campaign is done via our partner network of job boards and by researching the online activity patterns of job seekers; better still, we relate this exercise to each individual industry sector.

Ultimately, our clients are left with a report which provides information on

  • Job advert copy,
  • Salary and employer package expectations,
  • A view of how the competition are going about the same task,
  • How many candidates we identify that match (across multiple platforms) and who will see the job
  • Where we feel the advert is best advertised
  • Application expectations

We’re the only job board that offers this service as part of any package and the only one you can truly trust to take good care of your recruitment budget and make it work for you.

Call our sales team today on 01234 328646 or email – We’re ready and waiting to help!

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Moo…Your ‘LOCAL’ Recruitment Advertising Guru…

Guru Cow V1a

Online Recruitment Advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to find your next employee. However, we understand that deciding which job boards to use, coupled with the stresses of booking your campaign and arranging wording can be off putting and pushing you towards more costly options.

We’ve got your back…

Not only do we have a large ‘LOCAL’ audience of 325k+ job seekers, we’re also part of a larger job board network which will get your vacancy the extra coverage you’re looking for (on some of the leading job boards on the UK) at the most affordable price.

Better still…

Our dedicated sales team are ready to advise you on job specs and help plan your campaign so that we target the right pool of job seekers that you’re looking for. All you need to worry about is dealing with the response. If you’re concerned about the quality, we can ever filter out the time wasters if you want us too.

If you’ve got a vacancy and want to try us out, we’ve got some great offers on at the moment to help celebrate the start of a great year…

1. 6 months unlimited advertising – £499 + VAT (was £1,349+vat)


  • – 325k+ job seekers
  • Partner Network – 125-150 other leading national and industry specific boards 3.2m est job seekers
  • Social media coverage
  • Company profile
  • Unlimited number of job postings

2. Advertise your vacancy until filled – £249 + VAT (was £349+vat)


  • – 325k+ job seekers
  • Partner Network – 125-150 other leading national and industry specific boards 3.2m est job seekers
  • Company profile
  • Repeat boosting of your vacancy until it’s filled (no time limit)

Call our sales team today on 01234 328646 or email to make your booking.

#CowsAboutThatThen #RecruitmentAdvertisingGuru

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Recruitment Funnies For Those Monday Morning Blues

Head in Hands

There are so many crazy stories we have in our profession. After all, we deal with people as a profession, and everyone is different. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we love our job because we have a passion for helping people. Here are some real stories of situations that were less that optimal.

First Impression Redemption – A candidate shows up for a client interview in attire that is less than professional. Upon seeing the candidate for the first time, the client asks the candidate to wait for a few minutes. Furious upon the thought that we had sent them a bum candidate, the client calls us in a rage. After we are able to bring the phone call back to normal levels, we are able to convince the client to go ahead and talk to the candidate anyway, then yell at us after the interview if it was still warranted. Following the interview, the client calls, apologising for the previous call and ends up hiring the candidate. Sometimes we simply need to push past the first impression.

Interview with a side of fries – During a candidate’s phone interview, the candidate asked the hiring manager to “Hold on for second”. Then the hiring manager could hear the candidate order his lunch at the drive-thru window at McDonald’s. Clearly, the candidate was more interested in eating lunch than getting a new job. As you can guess, that candidate was not chosen as a finalist for the position.

Your own worst enemy is a good thing, right?? – Upon checking references on a candidate, a referral tells us (laughingly) that the candidate is his own worst enemy. Upon asking for clarification, the referral realises the mistake they had made and tries to backpedal. By that time, the damage had been done. The lesson to learn is to make sure that every reference you provide to a prospective employer will actually say nice things about you.

Over the river and through the woods…. – On a candidate’s way to an interview with a client, his car breaks down about 500 yards from the company building. The only problem is that the roads to get there are much farther than the most direct route…through the woods. So, the candidate jumps out of the car and proceeds to climb two fences and run through the woods (no trails) thinking that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. By the time the candidate arrived for the interview, his suit was covered in dirt, stickers, leaves, and sweat. Luckily, the interviewer had a sense of compassion (and humor) and accepted the candidate at face value. The company ended up hiring the candidate.

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