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Staff shortages are pushing up pay

Office workers

The UK labour market is tightening, with employers finding it harder to recruit staff, according to a survey of employment agencies.

The survey says that pay rates for both permanent and temporary staff are rising quickly due to a continuing fall in the number of job applicants.

Last year’s Brexit vote is also driving some EU nationals home, making it harder to fill a wide variety of jobs.

Official figures have shown employment levels in the UK at record highs.

The monthly survey of employment agencies was carried out by market research firm Markit for the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

REC chief executive Kevin Green, said: “It’s clear that employers are having to work even harder to fill jobs as vacancies rise and candidate availability shrinks.

“The parts of the economy most reliant on European workers are under even more pressure as many EU workers return home.

“Employers are not just struggling to hire the brightest and the best but also people to fill roles such as chefs, drivers and warehouse workers,” he added.

‘Robust demand’

The survey, which has been going since 1997, looked at the experience in July of 400 UK recruitment and employment agencies.

It found that there was “robust demand” for staff with the number of applicants placed in permanent jobs, and also in temporary or contract jobs, growing at their fastest rates for more than two years.

Meanwhile, it said, the number of available candidates for both types of work fell markedly during the month.

The report’s suggestion that pay rates for permanent jobs are now rising as a result, and are at a 20-month high, will raise some eyebrows.

Official data from the Office for National Statistics has indicated that the growth of average weekly earnings across the UK has been slowing down.

Earnings are now only 1.8% higher than a year ago – the slowest rate of increase since late 2014 – which has contributed to a cut in real incomes because the rate of inflation has been higher.

Looking at its own survey results, the REC said some of its members had noted that employers were indeed offering higher pay rates to lure the right recruits.

“Permanent starting salaries rose across all monitored UK regions, with the steepest rate of inflation seen in the South of England,” the REC said.

“Temporary and contract staff hourly pay rates increased again in July.

“The rate of inflation softened slightly since June, but was still one of the strongest recorded for the past two years,” it added.

Is your company having problems recruiting staff? Let us help. Email ray@aboutthejob.co.uk with your equiry.



Credit: bbc.co.uk


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Santa…I KNOW HIM – Recruiting for the big guy

Santa I know him

It’s the peak of summer so naturally all attention starts turning towards Christmas.

Here at Moo, we’ve just taken our first Christmas vacancy and it’s for the top job, Santa! We don’t mess about here…

Center Parcs, Woburn Forest are in full swing of their Christmas preparations. They’re on the lookout for someone to play the part of the big guy, as the real Santa is obviously busy delivering all those presents!

Is this job right up your street? Or do you know someone who might fit the bill?

Click here to view the job

We’ve got a great partnership with Center Parcs who currently have a number of other, fantastic jobs (including Lifeguards, Center Assistants, and Beauty Therapists) available if the role of Santa isn’t quite for you…

Click here to view other jobs available at Center Parcs

Moo is a generalist job board that specifically covers the Beds, Bucks, Herts and Northants areas. We’ve got a ‘collective’ local audience of 325k + job seekers and have a 60% success rate on recruitment advertising…

Call one of our sales team today to find out how we can help you out

01234 342323


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Cooking Up A Career with Charles Wells

Charles Wells Image

130 years on, and still as ambitious as ever

In 1876, Charles Wells bought his first brewery on the banks of the River Ouse in Bedford. But today, Charles Wells is the UK’s largest private brewing company.

Charles Wells is always on the look out for the very best staff to represent it’s brand with the dignity it deserves; from positions at HQ to it’s pub chains and hotels.

Currently, as this article goes to press, d’Parys Restaurant (Bedford), The Bramingham (Luton) and Merlin’s Cave (St Giles) are recruiting for Chef De Parties amongst other kitchen staff… If you have the right blend of skills and experience, and fancy a new challenge with a company that takes good care of its employees, click on the links below to our current positions…

Chef de Partie – Merlin’s Cave

Chef de Partie – d’Parys

Chef de Partie – The Bramingham

At HQ in Bedford, Charles Wells is also on the look out for exceptional Sales staff to join their expanding team.

If you have experience in Wholesale, On Trade or Off Trade sales (preferably beverage sales), They’d love to hear from you. See the latest sales job roles below…

National Account Executive (Field Based)

Regional Sales Manager – On Trade – London

Watch this space for other news on careers at Charles Wells.

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Moo Celebrates 5 years in Business…

Time has flown by here at Moo and on the 19th April 2015, we’re excited to be celebrating our 5 year anniversary!

From 0 to 325,000 + audience in 5 years!

Through candidates that have registered their details on Moo, our fans that follow us across social media to the job seekers that have signed up to our email marketing mailing list, we’ve come a long way…

  1. We now attract over 20K + visits per month to MooJobs.com
  2. Over 17,500 candidates have registered their CV with us!
  3. Over 100k views per month on http://www.facebook.com/MooJobs
  4. Our marketing database holds 182k job seekers signed up to hear about our latest news and career advice!

Our advertising partners…

We’re delighted to have some of the biggest and most reputable businesses use our advertising services on a regular basis. Right from the very beginning, a number of local businesses showed their support and faith in us and, in turn, have been rewarded with an exceptional service, that works well and at affordable prices.

  • We now generate an average of 11 applications per vacancy,
  • 62% of vacancies are filled successfully. This is compared to other selected advertising media which has a success rate of half this figure.
  • Through additional services we offer such as CV Screening, this success rate goes up to 90%
  • We don’t just advertise our partner’s vacancies, we promote their brand…increasing interest and driving more applications.

We’re pleased to name some of the following as our partners

We’re proven… CLICK HERE to read some of our fantastic testimonials, passed on by our clients!

Finally, to help us celebrate this exciting landmark, we have some great offers on for old and new clients. Get in touch with one of our sales team now to find out more… We have packages to suit all budgets and requirements.

Tel: 01234 342323

Email: sales@moojobs.com

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Old School Vs New Skool Recruitment Advertising…

Old School Vs New Skool

Moo understands that changing your recruitment advertising routine can be a hard decision.

Do you stick with what you know and pay a premium knowing it works-ish? Are online advertising costs that much cheaper you feel it’s too good to be true? Do you really understand where your audience is looking for their next career move?

Being an online recruitment advertising tool, we don’t need to hide behind uncertainty. The beauty really is in the technology. Everything is accountable and traceable. We don’t just chuck your advert out in a ‘hit and hope’ fashion.

Print Vs Online

Isn’t it about time you took a more serious look in to understanding how online recruitment advertising can really work for your organisation…

  1. We guarantee to save you money on your recruitment spend
  2. We guarantee response
  3. We work with a local audience
  4. We advertise your job on an average of 120 job boards every time we send the vacancy live
  5. We promise to keep our rates a 3rd of market cost.

Speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable Online Recruitment Advertising Consultants today to find out how we can help you.


Tel 01234 342323


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Funny Interview Stories That Will Make You Chuckle…

Head in Hands

Ever walked out of an interview and had to stand for a second and simply think, WTF? If you have, read on and take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. And if you haven’t, then just enjoy having a laugh at these tales of woe and hope you never have to! So here we go, just for fun, the most ridiculous interview stories that we have heard…

  1. Candidate turned up for interview with her 3 kids.
  2. The candidate turned up in an army outfit in the middle of summer, declaring he has a bad sweat problem.
  3. The candidate, described by my source as “a very odd man”, turned up to the interview and refused to answer any questions. Really.
  4. Candidate showed up at the interview with her husband. Recruiter politely suggests he leave for a look around the shops next door. Cue response, “No, I’m staying RIGHT HERE!”
  5. Repeat offence: during several Skype interviews candidates thought it would be okay to have the interview lying in their bed. In their pyjamas.
  6. A candidate who was applying for a teaching position attached a picture to her CV. Totally naff right? Even worse, it was a full body shot! Oh yeah, she was also totally naked.
  7. A candidate appeared for a drop-in interview dressed as what my source says can only be described as a tramp. Consultant kindly advised him to wash, shave, get some nice new clothes and come back. Two weeks later, George Clooney entered the building! I jest of course, he came back looking exactly the same.
  8. Transgender candidate who came to register as a man one day and returned with the same CV dressed as a woman the next. It was tricky for the consultant to know to register as two different people in the database.
  9. A couple were being interviewed together for a role in Saudi, but they could not live together as they weren’t married. He got down on one knee and proposed to her there and then, and she said YES…. *dies from embarrassment*
  10. Another Skype special – a female candidate was being interviewed, and in the background her boyfriend (?) crept out from under the bed and ran past in his boxer shorts…
  11. A naughty recruiter gets one of his candidates/clients to go and register with a colleague, and pull out a photo of her niece and pretend it’s his child from 10 years previously…5 minutes and a very faint looking recruiter later she came clean, although apparently those 5 minutes were enough for said recruiter to be mid-way through the thought process of booking a one way ticket to South America. Now that’s friends for you!
  12. Recruiter asks the candidate who they aspire to be like (fairly generic question). Candidate answers: Hitler…*tumbleweed*…

Do you have any funny stories to match ours? Let us know in the comments box…

#MooVolution #TagAMate # InterviewFunnies

Credit: Kara Shorthouse

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Working out what advertising media is best for your business…

For the past decade or so, print advertising was the best and the only way to advertise jobs. As more and more commerce moves online MooJobs.com has found that companies are slowly shifting towards easier and cheaper methods like online advertising.

We’re fair and down the line at Moo and we’ve put the ‘Print Vs Online’ argument together for local employers and prospecting customer…

Print advertising

Contrary to what most online job boards will tell you, print advertising is not dead, some roles will indeed be better advertised in a newspaper advert. Printed ads have the following benefits over online.

  1. The advert will be seen by a large number of people and have the ability to target a specific audience.
  2. You will have a lot more creative potential with a print advert than you would with an online job board posting.
  3. There is a positive perception of newspaper job advertising which will encourage applicants to believe that the company is serious about recruiting for the role. As an expensive activity, adverting in a respected publication can be a good brand building exercise.

You should never underestimate the power of a well printed newspaper, brochure or a flyer. People are definitely attracted to colourful and eye catching adverts. However, unless you have a very capable internal marketing function, you may find that the need to rely on an external advertising agency will make already costly print advertising, prohibitively expensive. Cost for printed advertising will be relatively expensive and if you wanted to advertise in a national publication you could find yourself spending the same amount as you would if you allocated the role to a recruitment agency (£2000-3000).

Online advertising

When looking at online advertising, it’s evident that it’s better than printed advertising in many ways. Some of the advantages of online advertising are:

  1. The advert content can be easily updated.
  2. Advertising is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year, in any part of the world.
  3. Massive audience – No longer just for the young, job seekers from all ages are now online.
  4. Low cost relative to print (£50-300 usually for approximately 30 days advertising).
  5. Very quick response – you can be receiving candidates hours after posting your advert

Online job adverts generally surpass printed ones due to the lower cost and wider reach. A complete online advertising process will usually cost a fraction of an advert printed in a national newspaper. That said, online advertising is not without its own downside.

It’s very probable that an online job board advert will generate an extremely large response. While it is possible to quickly screen out unsuitable applicants, if you need to process over 100 it will take some time.

It’s important to realise that online web based advertising will not always enable you to fill your vacancy, some jobs will remain hard to fill online so it’s important to have some other strategies in place. That said, with more and more candidates proactively going online browsing jobs, some senior and specialist roles are now being successfully filled online. As the job websites continue to grow, it’s likely that the applicant pools will also continue to expand.

Given the relatively low cost, it’s generally going to be worth advertising your vacancy online via job boards and your company’s own website to see what the response rate is before trying some of the alternatives like recruitment agencies or print advertising.

At Moo we understand that it’s important to have a decent amount of ‘local’ candidates, not too many that you’re snowed under, and of a high quality. That’s why we only target the Beds, Bucks, Herts and Northants areas. Putting aside our £49 ‘one off’ vacancy option, our annual packages start from the same prices you might find yourself paying for just one print advert.

If you’d like to engage with the 14,500 + visitors we attract to our site, the 13,200+ registered candidates we have in our database and gain the marketing power of our shared job board network where we guarantee response, call a member of our sales team on 01234 342323 today.

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